Built on the premise of making furniture fun, creative and ergonomic, TKS Product Pvt. Ltd. has in the short span of 5 years, become a household name in seating and furniture solutions, catering to retail and commercial spaces across India. Steered by a team of industry experts, with a combined experience of more than 15 years, the brand works on cutting edge technology, using ground breaking innovation to manufacture one-of-a-kind pieces, that combine functionality and creative aesthetics seamlessly. TKS Products Pvt. Ltd. is headquartered in Bangalore, with showroom spaces in two of the city’s busiest commercial hubs, Rajaji Nagar and J P Nagar. We are also tied up with dealerships and franchisees across the country, to bring our products to every town and city, making people everywhere a part of our family, making them grow with us.

The Brand

Ergoline a TKS Product Pvt. Ltd., was born out of the need to provide functional and aesthetic seating solutions for retail and commercial spaces. Creatively crafted and designed on the sound science of ergonomics, they are built around the premise of comfort and health, using material design and extensive research for optimal wellbeing and performance. These products are meant to help people perform their best in stressful environments, spark creativity, optimize health, reasoning and decision making skills, by reducing chronic stress-induced injuries and in turn making people an asset to their organisations.

The Ergoline furniture range has been designed and crafted at the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, where every single piece of furniture, undergoes rigorous testing to meet international quality standards, taking into account crucial factors such as lumbar support, adjustable height, eye co-ordination and absolute comfort.

At Ergoline, you don’t just buy a piece of furniture, you buy health!

The TKS Product Pvt. Ltd. brand was built on the belief that with comfort comes health, and one doesn’t have to pay exorbitantly to avail of the same. Backed by many years of experience honed in the field and expertise obtained by handling end-to-end of operation and manufacturing, the team believes in innovation without any compromise on quality. Whether manufacturing of products in the well-equipped and state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, import of innovative products of exceptional quality to keep up with Indian market demands or setting up retail outlets and tying up with well-heeled distributors to make the products accessible to corporates and clients, it is ensured, that each and every aspect of the business is carefully planned, and seamlessly designed.


A comprehensive, well equipped manufacturing unit, and the latest machinery ensure that every product and furniture is handcrafted and adheres to exceptional quality standards. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing hub of 12,000 sqft., that produces more than 150-200 chairs and 50-80 workstations per day, TKS Product Pvt. Ltd. ventures has the capability to back their promise on quality seating solutions with researched and designed curated furniture suitable for all kinds of residential and commercial spaces. Featuring a comprehensive portfolio ranging from Office Chairs, Sofas and Work Desks, to Modular Workstations, the furniture is cutting edge, stylish and addresses bulk requirements.


Importing creative and design backed seating solutions, ensues that users have a versatile and varied list of seating options to choose from. This also signifies quality. TKS Product Pvt. Ltd. has seen phenomenal growth in the area of imports. With rising demands of the Indian market, and a varied diaspora of well-travelled clientele who demand exceptional seating solutions to meet their business needs, the company imports bespoke, handcrafted and curated furniture and seating solutions that is distributed to different parts of the world. We also look to export many of own designs and other imports to other countries, particularly Taiwan, Korea and China.


Retailing exceptional and state-of-the-art furniture, Ergoline ensures that there is a seating solution to fulfil every user’s needs. The strength of TKS Product Pvt. Ltd. lies in retail. Besides manufacturing and trading, we have three showrooms in Bangalore and Chennai, and also work with franchisees and traders to retail our furniture solutions. Our association with some of the leading e-commerce brands such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and Pepperfry ensures that our reach is slowly extending across India. While South India, particularly Chennai and Coimbatore has been our prime market since a while, North India is slowly beginning to experience the quality and craftsmanship that we promise.

TKS works with various charitable organisations as a part of our CSR initiative. We have worked with Adaikapa Chettiar Pistalogy Trust donating food and taking care of education expenses of kids. Food expenses are also taken care of for the organization Sight Savers. Our team is associated with the KTS Foundation, participating in blood donation camps every year. We also work with Vidhya Sanskar Foundation to take care of the educational expenses of young children.

Our Mission Statement

'Do unto others as we would like them to do unto us'

As a responsible business, we ensure that all our customers are treated responsibly and fairly. This is a part of our core values and instilled to every one of our employees. We constantly gather customer feedback to maintain optimal satisfaction at all times, and this in turn helps us to operate and present ourselves better, thereby improving systems and enhancing procedures.

Streamlining of systems and a user friendly approach is enforced in the following ways;

  • Brochures are written in simple English, with detailed explanation. Nothing is in ‘fine print’
  • Details of all products are elucidated in an open and honest manner, ensuring customers know what to expect
  • Avoiding pressure selling techniques, ensuring customers buy what they see and when they like the product
  • Dealing with any issues that arise expediently and proactively
  • Keeping the environment in mind during development and sale of the product

Environment and Market Responsibility

Our Corporate Responsibility was defined at the start, and we continue to adhere to it – Reduce our impact on the environment by tightly controlled processes and monitoring employee and customer performance. 

In the Marketplace-

  • Monitor and ensure customer complaints about products or the service
  • Regularly monitor customer satisfaction index

For the Environment-

  • Monitor Energy consumption
  • Reduce or recycle waste
  • Manage water usage
  • Manage CO2 Greenhouse Emissions
  • Packaged cardboard by weight recycled every year
  • Containing environmental impact over supply chain

 At the Workplace-

  • Equal parity at work and pay exclusive of gender, race, disability or age
  • Expediently handle staff grievances
  • Manage staff absenteeism
  • Minimize and when required expediently handle (fatal and non-fatal) incidents arising at work
  • Handling staff turnover
  • Value and skill based training and development provided to staff
  • Pay scales are on par with that of the local community

In the Community- 

  • Adopting and managing schools and local community projects
  • Products given as goodwill to schools